What is Raise Arizona?



The Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA) has focused on ending poverty in Arizona since its inception in 1967 and is continuously at the forefront of efforts to improve the lives of low-income individuals and families. In this spirit, ACAA is launching a statewide Living Wage Initiative, Raise Arizona, that will increase the quality of life for residents by raising the wages workers earn, lowering the number of individuals and families experiencing poverty, decreasing the need for social services, and raising the overall health of the state.

Raise Arizona will recruit, certify, recognize, and reward employers that pay a living wage. In addition, the Initiative will drive consumer support and dollars to Living Wage Certified businesses in reward for their commitment to pay employees a living wage and their contribution to the community in which they do business. Consumers do their part by shifting dollars they already spend to these businesses.

Raise Arizona is an innovative direction ACAA is pursuing in mobilizing communities to tackle poverty. The Living Wage Initiative engages employers, workers, and consumers in strengthening Arizona and ending poverty. As a solution, it is built around participation and contributions of everyone in the community and our intentional commitments to one another. The Initiative is designed to increase the health and vibrancy of the community by growing mutual regard among community members. As an anti-poverty organization, ACAA recognizes that the work of ending poverty requires community ownership and the Living Wage Initiative exemplifies this belief.

Raise Arizona is a voluntary program. Only employers that are committed to helping their community and want to raise the wages of their workers will become Living Wage Certified. Raise Arizona is designed to work around political gridlock and reward those employers that want to do right by their workers. In response to their voluntary commitment, Raise Arizona will drive consumers to Living Wage Certified businesses through a robust marketing campaign, events, and a dedicated, searchable website.