Poverty and Justice Project

The Poverty and Justice Project is an intentional, community-based movement that centers on raising the awareness of the systemic, root causes of poverty and mobilizing families and community members to create a just Arizona.  Created through the partnership of Arizona Community Action Association and Marguerite Casey Foundation, the Poverty and Justice Project is grounded in the belief that we as a community must educate ourselves, connect with one another, and work together to end poverty, oppression, and marginalization.

The goals of the Poverty and Justice Project are:

  1. Expand the conversation surrounding poverty, inequity, and marginalization and place the conversation around poverty in a larger societal and systemic context.
  2. Engage and challenge families and community members to join the work of justice, advocate to end poverty, and foster a stronger Arizona.
  3. Offer families, non-profit organizations, social services deliverers, faith communities, community groups, and community members the tools to assist in intercultural work.
  4. Connect community groups and organizations in more collaborative projects.
  5. Advocate for the expansion of relationships across cultural and socio-economic circles.

The Poverty and Justice Project engages communities in workshops and connects families and community members who are passionate about social justice.


  • Who am I? An Intercultural Competency Workshop
  • Poverty and the Illusion of Choice
  • Will Work To End Systemic Oppression
  • Tackling Poverty Through Social Justice
  • Understanding Privilege
  • Wealth, Power, and Poverty
  • Building Wealth for Everyone
  • Justice at Work

For more information on scheduling a workshop, please email ACAA at info@azcaa.org or  call 602‐604‐0640.