Are You Eligible?

Weatherization Income Qualification and Basic Supporting Documents

Because Weatherization Assistance Programs are federally funded, documentation of household occupants and income are required. Residential applicants (homeowners) or renters (with landlord permission) may apply.

To qualify financially, your income must be at or below the levels indicated in the chart below.

Weatherization Assistance Program Income Qualification Requirements

Family Members 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual Income 22,340 30,260 38,180 46,100 54,020 61,940 69,860 77,780
*For each additional add 7,920

Example: To qualify, a family of 4 will have an annual income of less than $46,100.

The following basic list of documents are required to determine your household’s eligibility for the Weatherization Program.

  • Bank Statements – Most recent current checking and savings account statements for all household members.
  • Income – Verification for everyone in the household 16 years and older receiving income from any source for the last 90 days.
  • Household Members – Picture ID for all household members 16 years and older and Social Security cards for all. Examples of ID’s include: school records, pay stubs, AHCCS cards, Arizona driver’s license, Arizona photo ID cards, Tribal census records, baptismal certificates, marriage license or divorce papers.
  • Mortgage Information – Most recent statement from mortgage company or bank statement showing the amount deducted.
  • Taxes – Last year’s complete federal IRS tax returns (include all pages and W-2 forms). If you are self-employed, complete tax returns for the last three years. If you had earned income the past two years but have not filed taxes, please submit a notarized statement attesting to that. If you are elderly or receiving disability, a notarized letter is not required if you did not file taxes.
  • U.S. Resident Status – Verification of legal resident status.
  • Utility Bills – Most current electric or gas utility bills.

Please note: Additional documentation may be required at a later date. (Deed, mortgage statement, homeowner’s insurance, income or household members’ documentation)


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